Bobby Coston's Viral YouTube Short Horror 'EDEN' Hops Past 900K Views on The Platform


Bobby Coston's directorial debut 'Eden' has just surpassed 900,000 views on YouTube early this May. The film follows 3 friends, DJ (Benjamin Abiola), Jason (Bobby Coston), and Elliott (Charles Brakes III) heading home after a night out. They horse-play until one friend, DJ, played by Benjamin Abiola (The Ticket, Blowback) drops his keys out on the sidewalk. No one notices until they get to the car, and DJ realizes he's lost his keys. He goes back to the spot where he lost them to search, when a mysterious woman appears calling for help. The men all begin to drop, one-by-one.

The film premiered in October of 2019, and has amassed praise, and reactions all over the YouTube platform by many channels. These reactions have grown the film and Bobby's production company 'I88' to a new-found popularity online.